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Is Gevalia Coffee Good And Organic


Coffee lovers often find themselves pondering whether their daily brew is both delightful and responsibly sourced. Did you know that Gevalia, a renowned coffee brand, is not 100% organically made? This blog post will delve into the organic status of Gevalia Coffee and review its taste, highlighting critical factors such as quality, flavors, and prices.

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Quick Takeaways
  • Gevalia Coffee is not 100% organic, but it offers a range of flavors and options for coffee lovers to enjoy.
  • The taste and quality of Gevalia Coffee are highly praised by customers, despite not being completely organic.
  • Gevalia’s prices are competitive compared to other brands, providing good value for money.

Is Gevalia Coffee Organic?

Gevalia Coffee is known for its organic options, offering % organically made blends sourced from Latin America.

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Explanation of organic coffee

Organic coffee means it is made from beans grown without using man-made stuff. Farmers do not use chemicals or things that harm bugs to grow the plants. They let them grow in a natural way.

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Also, they must take care of the land and keep it healthy for future crops. The land should be clean for three years before they can call their coffee organic. But Gevalia’s coffees are not 100% organic because farmers have a say in how the crop grows.

Gevalia coffee’s organic status

Gevalia coffee is not 100% organically made and the company does not explicitly mention that all of their coffee is organic. While Gevalia does offer an organic option, it is important to note that they currently do not have any certified organic coffee products.

This means that their coffee may contain some non-organic ingredients or be grown using conventional farming methods. If you are specifically looking for certified organic coffee, it’s worth considering other brands that have official certifications.

Is Gevalia Coffee Good?

Gevalia Coffee is highly praised for its exceptional taste, quality, and overall positive reviews from coffee enthusiasts.

Discussing taste, quality, and reviews

Gevalia coffee is known for its taste and quality. Although it is not 100% organic, it offers a range of delicious flavors that coffee aficionados enjoy. The Gevalia Traditional Coffee is smooth and easy to drink, while the Gevalia Organic Rainforest Regular Ground Medium Roast has a rich and aromatic flavor.

Customers have praised the taste of Gevalia coffee in their reviews, appreciating its balanced flavor with hints of fruity notes. While some may prefer completely organic options, Gevalia still delivers on taste and quality with its non-organic offerings.

Additional Considerations

Consider the price comparison and availability of organic options before making your decision, as these factors may impact your overall satisfaction with Gevalia Coffee.

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Price comparison

It’s good to know how Gevalia coffee stack up against other brands in terms of price. For the purpose of this comparison, prices are considered for 12 oz. packages. Here is a price comparison table for you to gauge how Gevalia coffee compares to other renowned brands.

BrandPrice for 12 oz.
Green Mountain$7.29
Peet’s Coffee$8.58

As you can see, Gevalia coffee is competitively priced. It’s less expensive than premium brands like Peet’s Coffee, roughly equal to Starbucks and Green Mountain, and pricier than budget offerings like Folgers. Given the quality and taste of Gevalia coffee, the price is fair and provides good value for money.

Availability of organic options

Gevalia currently does not offer any certified organic coffee products. While they do have an Organic Rainforest Regular Ground Medium Roast coffee, it is important to note that this coffee may not meet all the criteria for being considered 100% organic.

Gevalia’s focus seems to be more on providing a range of flavors and options rather than solely focusing on organic offerings. If you are specifically looking for certified organic coffee, you may need to explore other brands that specialize in organic options.

Is Gevalia Coffee available in ground form as an alternative to instant coffee?

Gevalia Coffee offers a delicious alternative to instant coffee by providing ground coffee options. For those who crave a richer and more flavorful cup, using ground coffee instead of instant can be an excellent choice. Gevalia’s ground coffee selections ensure a satisfying and convenient brewing experience, allowing you to enjoy a delightful cup of coffee every morning.

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In conclusion, while Gevalia coffee may not be 100% organic, it still offers a good taste and quality. The company does not explicitly state that all of their coffee is organic, but they do offer fair trade certified options and a variety of flavors to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a delicious cup of coffee that’s also ethically sourced, Gevalia could be worth trying out.

Can Using Gevalia Coffee Cause My Bunn Coffee Maker to Overflow?

If you’re experiencing a bunn coffee maker overflowing issue, it’s essential to consider the coffee grounds you’re using. Gevalia coffee, known for its rich flavor, shouldn’t directly cause overflows. However, factors like improper grind size or excessive amounts of coffee grounds could lead to overflow problems. Adjusting these factors can help prevent any overflow issues with your bunn coffee maker.


1. Is Gevalia coffee good and organic?

Yes, Gevalia coffee is known for its quality, flavor notes and it uses Arabica beans which are fair trade certified and pesticide-free.

2. How does the taste of Gevalia coffee stand out?

Gevalia coffee has a unique taste from medium roasted, wild coffee beans that give different flavors according to the brewing methods used.

3. What do reviews say about Gevalia Coffee?

Most coffee reviews point to the rich taste of Gevalia’s medium-roasted Arabica beans, though some note a higher price tag due to their organic nature.

4. Where does Gevalia source its organic beans from?

Gevalia gets its Peruvian organic Arabica beans from farmers regulating crops in rainforests to make sure they stay pesticide-free and sustainable.

5. Does Gevalia offer worldwide delivery for their products?

Yes! No matter where you live, you can enjoy regular ground medium coffee because of their worldwide delivery service.

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