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What Is The Difference Between Iced Coffee And Iced Latte


Iced coffee and iced lattes are popular beverages found in coffee shops around the world. Although they may look very similar, there are some distinct differences between them which will affect the taste and texture of the drink. To help you understand each beverage better, we’ve put together a guide on what is the difference between iced coffee and iced latte.

Both drinks start with espresso – but one has cold milk added while the other relies on cold or room temperature water or ice to dilute the concentrated espresso. Iced coffee is made with just espresso and water or ice, while an iced latte consists of espresso, cold milk (like half & half), and often a sugar-based syrup. Iced coffee tends to have more savory notes than sweet, whereas iced lattes are typically much sweeter as a result of added sugar syrups like caramel, vanilla or mocha.

The region in which you order your beverage also makes a difference – in many parts of Europe you’d order an “Iced Americano“, which would be plain chilled espresso over ice without additional flavorings or additives like milk or syrup. Alternatively, an iced cappuccino would consist mostly of frothed cold milk over just a single shot of chilled espresso (or two if you want it stronger).

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a refreshing and energizing beverage that is typically made with brewed coffee that is poured over ice. It can be served with or without cream and sugar, depending on your preference. Iced coffee is a popular choice for those who are looking to stay cool in the summer heat.

On the other hand, an iced latte is a cold espresso-based beverage, usually topped off with milk and ice. In this article, we will be exploring the difference between these two cold coffee drinks.

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Iced coffee and iced latte are two coffee-based beverages that have become popular in cafes and restaurants all over the world. The origins of both drinks dates back to the 19th century when hot coffee was mixed with sweetened cream, ice cubes or shaved chocolate to create a refreshing drink.

Iced coffee is usually made by adding cold or pre-made cold brew concentrate to cold milk, while iced latte is prepared with espresso shots and steamed or frothed milk over ice. Both drinks can be served with flavored syrups, creamers, and toppings like cocoa powder, whipped cream or caramel sauce. The main difference between these two chilly treats lies in their respective caffeination levels and flavors.

  • Iced coffee contains about 40% more caffeine than regular hot-brewed drip coffee due to its lower temperature. Its texture is light and clean whereas an iced latte’s texture is creamy.
  • Iced lattes can be enjoyed hot as well but then it won’t be called “iced”. It carries a smooth taste rounded out by the richness of espresso beans combined with the sweetness of the steamed milk over ice making them irresistibly delicious.
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  • Iced coffee and iced lattes are two different types of cold coffees. Iced coffee is made by pouring room-temperature or cooled coffee over ice cubes. Usually it is not sweetened or flavored and will have a stronger flavor than an iced latte.
  • An iced latte is made by combining espresso, milk and any added flavors like syrup or powder mix in a blender, then poured over ice cubes in a glass. The use of cold milk produces a heavier, creamier drink that has more sweetness and often more caffeine than an iced coffee.


The Iced Coffee can have quite a different taste than the Iced Latte. Iced coffee is brewed at a higher strength, so it usually has more bold and intense flavors. It is typically served black with some type of sweetener, like sugar or syrup, added to it for additional sweetness.

On the other hand, iced lattes contain espresso shots that are combined with cold milk. The espresso shots provide a much sweeter flavor compared to iced coffee and the combination of cold milk mellows down the bitterness of the espresso for a smooth and creamy drink. Most iced lattes are topped-off with some kind of sweetener or flavored syrup that can enhance its creamy texture even further.

Iced Latte

An iced latte is a type of cold coffee drink, usually made with espresso, milk, and ice. It is a popular drink for coffee lovers in the summer months. Compared to iced coffee drinks, iced lattes have a more milky consistency and are usually topped with a frothy milk layer.

Let’s take a look at what makes an iced latte different from an iced coffee drink:


Iced latte and iced coffee have their roots in their respective hot versions. The brew used for both is made with the same beans, although some specialty iced coffees may be made with flavored beans. Both beverages are prepared by pouring over ice, but the main difference between them is that a latte contains steamed milk while an iced coffee does not.

The origins of iced coffee generally trace back to Japan in the late 1800s, when a traveler named Satori Kato noticed Japanese Russians enjoying iced coffee drinks chilled by adding pieces of natural ice from Mt. Fuji to their traditional Coffees. They called it “Korutooru” or “black Russian” and it became popular around the world especially among North American travelers who visited Japan.

Iced lattes were first served in Australia around 1980 and quickly gained popularity due to its convenience and versatile flavor profile – customers had the option to choose between a variety of milks and syrups that could be added to customize their order. Since its introduction, the popularity of iced lattes has grown steadily all around the world, becoming a go-to beverage for many coffee lovers as soon as weather permits.

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When you order an iced latte, it is made similarly to a hot latte, but instead of steamy steamed milk and espresso, you’ll get cold, frothy milk and espresso poured over ice. An iced latte has three basic components: cold or chilled espresso, cold or chilled milk (depending on preference) and those all-important ice cubes.

Milk: Many iced lattes are made with cow’s milk (2%, skim, or whole), but many cafés also offer non-dairy alternatives such as soy and almond.

Espresso: Espresso beans have to have been correctly roasted in order to create the perfect iced latte. A medium roast provides a great flavor balance for this coffee beverage.

Ice: Freshly made ice cubes will taste the best in any coffee drink – don’t use salty tap water to make your cubes!


When it comes to the overall taste profile of an iced coffee versus an iced latte, there are clear differences. An iced coffee will be known for its strong, robust flavor that is achieved by using freshly brewed espresso beans and a heavier ratio of coffee grounds to hot water. An iced latte on the other hand, is commonly composed of a large proportion of cold milk, which gives it a pronouncedly sweet flavor.

Though both beverages can be heavily customized with syrups and omissions of classic ingredients, there is still a base distinction when it comes to their default flavors.


Iced coffee and iced latte are both refreshing and delicious cold drinks, but there are a few key differences between them.

  • Firstly, a traditional iced coffee is made with brewed coffee, but an iced latte is made with espresso, milk and ice.
  • Secondly, the sweetness levels of the two drinks can differ significantly.
  • Lastly, the calorie content of the two drinks is also different.

Let’s explore these differences in more detail.


The preparation of iced coffee and iced lattes can vary according to individual taste. However, the general distinction between these two drinks is that an iced coffee simply consists of coffee beans ground, brewed with cold water and then served over ice. On the other hand, an iced latte is a combination of espresso, steamed milk and often flavoring such as syrup added over the top of the ice.

Iced coffee is usually cheaper since it requires fewer ingredients to make and can be made quickly. Iced lattes are also quicker than making a hot one because you don’t need to take the time to steam the milk. For both beverages, adjusting how much cream or sugar can help create subtle variations in tastes while still remaining within similar flavor notes.

Experimenting with different recipes will help you find a favorite combination that meets your preferences!


The taste of iced coffee and an iced latte differ based on the way they are prepared. Iced coffee is made with brewed coffee that is transformed into iced form by cooling it down, usually with ice and sometimes evaporated milk. It is then poured over ice cubes which quickly cools down the drink. By contrast, an iced latte is made by mixing steamed milk, espresso shots, and syrup in a blender or shaker to create a cold frothy beverage.

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While both drinks have a crisp flavor that can wake up your taste buds, the difference in their preparation leaves each drink with its own unique flavor profile:

  • Iced coffee tastes sweet and has a rich bold flavor that pairs well with light flavors like honey or vanilla. It has a light texture because of its thin nature and is usually served very cold to enhance the taste’s pleasantness.
  • Iced latte on the other hand tastes more milky and creamy than iced coffee because of its stronger espresso shots as well as added coconut or almond sweeteners. It also has a thicker texture since it involves steamed milk; this gives it an invitingly airy feeling when you take your first sip.

Caffeine Content

The caffeine content of iced coffee and iced latte varies depending on the size, recipe, and ingredients used. Generally speaking, iced coffee contains more caffeine than an iced latte. This is because iced coffee is made with cold or room-temperature espresso that has a high concentration of caffeine in it. An iced latte on the other hand is made with much less espresso and therefore contains less caffeine. However, many brands fortify their lattes with syrups or extra shots of espresso to give them an extra kick. So depending on what you’re drinking, an iced latte could actually have more caffeine than an ordinary cup of coffee!


In conclusion, when considering the differences between an iced coffee and an iced latte, it is important to understand that both drinks share a core ingredient – coffee. However, the two beverages differ in their ingredients, taste, and texture. An iced coffee is made from cold brewed coffee blended with ice cubes, while an iced latte consists of espresso mixed with a very small amount of steamed milk into which ice cubes have been mixed. Iced coffees typically have higher levels of caffeine than iced lattes.

Depending on personal preference, you can choose to customize your drink with additional sweeteners or other ingredients (like cream or syrups). Ultimately, both drinks offer delicious and refreshing flavors that can be enjoyed year-round.

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