Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine BES870XL Review

What could be much better than being able to go straight to work without first passing by the café to get a shot of hot coffee, tea or chocolate? The long queues and time wastage can be evaded, and this gets better as it saves you some cash daily.

An espresso machine is a one-way ticket to giving you less morning hustles at the cafe but, not just any machine is best suited for that if it’s not the Breville Barista Express Espresso BES870XL Machine. This beauty with an aluminum-zinc cast on it not only ensures the safety of your coffee but also makes it long lasting and rust free.

The material makes it light as well and attractive. Easy to use touch buttons makes it convenient and user-friendly to anyone. The machine can control temperatures while making the shots and this is a safety assurance in handling and making it even better is the unique power use it has which is a great relief to the user.


Power use is an important aspect considered when buying house appliances especially if their use is mostly on a daily basis. This machine enters auto power save mode after an hour from when it is switched on, and three hours later it will turn off automatically if left on and not being used. This saves power and proves it efficient.Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine BES870XL Review


The silver look of the Breville machine is not one to go unnoticed. This comes from the well-polished aluminum-zinc cast it is made of making it glitter under the light in an attractive way. This is one spot of attraction in the kitchen that will make the kitchen look more modern and well kept. It is a beauty that stands for itself.

Modern Technology

This machine has an inbuilt proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID) that is commonly used in control systems. The PID calculates any error value in the system and restores it back to order. In this case, an error value may indicate temperature variations and the PID is responsible for adjusting automatically and regulating the temperature to the expected level which ensures that the Breville Barista machine works perfectly without hitches.


Heavy appliances at home tend to be quite a baggage and hindrance especially when we are cleaning the house or re-arranging items. Easy to move appliances and items are most preferred when it comes to this because they are easy to move.

The Breville Barista is easy to move and clean since it is light and not bulky. It can be moved or cleaned all over with ease which great news to the user.

Easy to Operate

Nothing feels great than purchasing a new appliance at home and being able to operate it in minutes. This machine has light buttons clearly lit and well visible to the user. This increases its ease of use and functioning without a struggle.Ooh, what a relief.

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  • Easy to learn and operate with much ease
  • Power efficient and usage that is energy saving ensuring less cost
  • Effective as it works fast and has quality products
  • Saves time since no more long queues at the café for a hot cup of coffee, tea or chocolate in the morning
  • Large water storage capacity reduces the number of times it is refilled
  • Aluminum-zinc cast material ensures its durable and light


  • Some bits of the content spill out when the machine is working
  • Needs full attention of the user when working

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should the machine be cleaned?

A: Since the machine deals with consumable products, cleanliness is an important factor, and daily cleaning will do just fine.

Q: How safe and efficient is it with the power usage?

A: It is safe with the PID in place and cleaning should be done when it is switched off since it is an electrical appliance.

Final Verdict

When it comes to a hot cup of coffee, chocolate or tea and the need to avoid time wastage due to long queues at the café, with great efficiency and proper power use, then a classic machine for the job is just but a one-way ticket to that.

Though some spillage of the contents happens, it is not something that a quick clean up can’t handle. The Breville Barista Express Espresso BES870XL Machine is just the perfect one for all the above characteristics and quality products.

Gregory Tumlin

Gregory Tumlin editor of has worked in the coffee industry for 5 years now. He used to work at Coffee and Espresso Bar in Princeton, NJ and have done some side coffee consulting and training through Barista School. He is also a husband and father of a young boy as well as a masters student. In whatever spare time he has left, Gregory enjoys running, cycling and reads just the right amount of trashy romance novels.

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