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Nespresso Pixie Wont Turn On


There are several common reasons why your Nespresso Pixie may not turn on, including incorrectly plugged in power cords, defective switches, faulty power cords, blown fuses, and malfunctioning control boards.

Incorrectly plugged in

Your Nespresso Pixie might not turn on if it’s not plugged in right. An inadequate power connection can lead to power problems. So, check the cord. Make sure it fits snug into the outlet.

Loose cords can cause a faulty connection which stops your machine from turning on. But stay safe! If you still face trouble after this fix, look for other issues with your coffee maker.

Defective switch

A bad switch is a common problem with the Nespresso Pixie. If your coffee maker won’t turn on, this could be why. This type of fault stops power from getting to the machine. Your Nespresso Pixie needs power to work.

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The only way to know for sure is by checking the switch. You will need some basic tools to do this. Be careful and use caution when testing it out! If you find that the switch does not work right, change it with a new one.

After this, your Nespresso Pixie should start again like normal.

Faulty power cord

Your Nespresso Pixie might not turn on if the power cord is damaged. This can happen if the connection is loose or if there is a break in the wire. Try unplugging it and then plugging it back in after 10 seconds.

This may fix some small issues. If this doesn’t work, get a new power cord to replace the faulty one.

Blown fuse

If your Nespresso Pixie won’t turn on, one possible reason could be a blown fuse. A blown fuse can happen if there is a power surge or overload in the electrical circuit. To troubleshoot this issue, you can check the fuse and see if it needs to be replaced.

If the fuse is indeed blown, replacing it should fix the problem and allow your Nespresso Pixie to turn on again. However, it’s important to note that a blown fuse may also indicate other underlying issues such as a faulty control board or power cord malfunction.

In such cases, seeking professional help might be necessary to resolve the problem efficiently. Remember that checking and replacing the fuse is just one step towards troubleshooting power issues in your Nespresso Pixie.

Malfunctioning control board

If your Nespresso Pixie won’t turn on, one possible reason could be a malfunctioning control board. The control board is an important component that regulates and controls the machine’s functions.

If it is not working properly, it may prevent the Pixie from powering on. In such cases, it is advisable to reach out to Nespresso customer support for assistance. They can provide guidance on how to fix or replace the faulty control board and get your machine up and running again.

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Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Power Issues in Nespresso Pixie

Close-up of person holding Nespresso Pixie machine surrounded by electrical outlets.

To troubleshoot power issues in your Nespresso Pixie, follow these steps:

– Check the power connection: Make sure the machine is securely plugged into a working electrical outlet.

– Test the switch: Press the power button to see if it responds. If not, it may be a defective switch that needs to be replaced.

– Inspect the power cord: Look for any visible damage or fraying on the power cord. If found, replace it with a new one.

– Replace the fuse: If your Nespresso Pixie has a blown fuse, replace it with a new one of the same rating.

– Seek professional help for control board issues: If none of these troubleshooting tips work, there may be an issue with the control board. Contact Nespresso customer support or take it to a professional for repair.

Remember to always disconnect the power cord before attempting any troubleshooting steps.

Check the power connection

Make sure that the Nespresso Pixie machine is plugged in properly.

  • Ensure that the power cord is securely connected to both the machine and the electrical outlet.
  • Check if there are any loose plugs or faulty wiring.
  • Verify if the power socket is working by plugging in another device.
  • Make sure there is a stable power supply to the outlet.

Test the switch

To troubleshoot power issues with your Nespresso Pixie machine, one important step is to test the switch. Here’s how:

  1. Ensure that the machine is not plugged into the electrical outlet.
  2. Press the ON button or switch to turn on the Pixie.
  3. Look for any response from the machine, such as lights turning on or a noise indicating that it’s working.
  4. If there is no response, try pressing and releasing the ON button several times to see if it makes a difference.
  5. If still nothing happens, it could indicate a problem with the switch itself.

Inspect the power cord

Is your Nespresso Pixie not turning on? One possible reason for this issue could be a faulty power cord. To troubleshoot this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Check the power cord connection: Ensure that the power cord is properly plugged into both the machine and the electrical outlet. Sometimes, a loose connection can prevent the Pixie from turning on.
  2. Inspect the power cord for any damage: Carefully examine the power cord for any visible signs of damage, such as frayed wires or cuts. If you notice any issues, it may be necessary to replace the power cord.
  3. Test with an alternate power supply: If you have access to another compatible power cord or adapter, try using it to see if the Pixie turns on. This will help determine if the issue lies with the original power cord.
  4. Contact Nespresso support: If none of these troubleshooting tips work, it’s best to reach out to Nespresso customer support for further assistance. They can provide more specific guidance tailored to your situation.

Replace the fuse

If your Nespresso Pixie won’t turn on, one possible solution is to replace the fuse. Here are some important facts to consider:

  • Checking the fuse is a recommended troubleshooting step for power issues in the Nespresso Pixie.
  • Damaged or blown fuses can cause the machine to not turn on.
  • If you find that the fuse is damaged, replacing it can help resolve the power problem.

Seek professional help for control board issues

If you’re experiencing control board issues with your Nespresso Pixie, it’s recommended to seek professional help. Here are some common problems that may require assistance:

  1. Control board not functioning properly: If your Nespresso Pixie won’t turn on and the control board seems to be the issue, it’s best to have a professional technician diagnose and repair the problem.
  2. Electrical faults: If there are electrical faults within the control board, a professional can safely identify and fix the issue.
  3. Warranty coverage: Seeking professional help is especially important if your machine is still under warranty. Attempting to repair the control board yourself may void the warranty.
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Understanding the Nespresso Pixie Red Light Issue

The red light on your Nespresso Pixie machine can indicate a few different things. One possibility is that the water tank is empty. If this is the case, you’ll need to fill it up before using the machine again.

Another possibility is that the pod bin is full. Emptying the bin will solve this issue.

Sometimes, flashing lights on the Pixie machine mean that it’s stuck in descale mode. This happens when it needs to be cleaned to remove any buildup inside. You can find instructions for how to do this in the user guide.

If your Pixie machine doesn’t turn on at all and there’s no light, try pressing the power button to turn it back on manually. It might have automatically switched off for some reason.

Remember, only use Nespresso coffee capsules with your Pixie machine as they are designed specifically for it. These capsules are available through Nespresso or authorized representatives.

In case you’re still having trouble with your Nespresso Pixie machine after trying these solutions, don’t hesitate to call Nespresso for assistance.

Can a Hairline Crack in a Coffee Mug Cause the Nespresso Pixie to Not Turn On?

A hairline crack in a coffee mug can potentially disrupt the functionality of a Nespresso Pixie. The delicate electrical components inside might be compromised, leading to the machine not turning on. Although a repair hairline crack coffee mug kit could potentially fix the crack, it is advisable to replace the mug to ensure the proper functioning of your Nespresso Pixie.

Specific Models Commonly Affected by Power Issues

Some specific models of Nespresso machines commonly affected by power issues include the Nespresso U D50, Nespresso Aeroccino, Nespresso Inissia, and the Nespresso Pixie.

Nespresso U D50

The Nespresso U D50 is one of the specific models commonly affected by power issues when it comes to the Nespresso Pixie not turning on. If you own a Nespresso U D50, and you’re experiencing trouble with your machine powering up, there are a few things you can check.

First, make sure that the power cord is securely plugged in. Sometimes, it may come loose without you realizing it. If that doesn’t seem to be the issue, try testing the switch to see if it’s defective.

It’s also worth inspecting the power cord for any signs of damage or fraying. And if all else fails and your machine still won’t turn on, consider seeking help from a professional who can assess and fix any potential control board problems.

Nespresso Aeroccino

The Nespresso Aeroccino is one of the specific models commonly affected by power issues related to the Nespresso Pixie not turning on. If you’re experiencing this problem with your Aeroccino, it could be due to various factors such as a burned fuse, a faulty control board, a broken button, or a power cord problem.

Troubleshooting these issues may involve checking the power connection, testing the switch and inspecting the power cord. If these steps don’t solve the problem, it could indicate a faulty control board or broken button that may require professional repair or replacement.

Remember that Nespresso provides a 2-year warranty for their machines and offers customer service support for any questions or concerns you may have about your Aeroccino.

Nespresso Inissia

The Nespresso Inissia is a popular coffee machine that can sometimes have power issues, particularly when it won’t turn on. This is a common search query among coffee enthusiasts. To troubleshoot this problem, make sure the water reservoir is full and the machine is properly plugged in.

Descaling the Inissia or resetting it to its factory settings may also help solve any common issues you may encounter with this machine. Remember to follow these steps before seeking professional help or considering other potential causes for your Inissia’s power problems.

Nespresso Pixie

The Nespresso Pixie is a compact espresso machine known for its power issues. Some specific models of the Pixie commonly have problems turning on. Possible reasons for this include being unplugged, a burned fuse, a faulty control board, a broken button, or a power card issue.

Power malfunctions can also be caused by a damaged thermoblock. Despite these issues, the Pixie is still highly regarded for its durability, scratch-resistance, and sleek aluminum case design.

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Other Possible Nespresso Pixie Issues and Solutions

– Water reservoir not full: Ensure that the water reservoir is properly filled before attempting to turn on the machine.

– Capsule holder not properly closed: Double-check that the capsule holder is securely closed, as an open or improperly closed lid can prevent the machine from turning on.

– Faulty electrical outlet: Plug the Nespresso Pixie into a different outlet to rule out any issues with the current one.

Remember to check if other devices are functioning in that particular outlet.

Water reservoir not full

To ensure that your Nespresso Pixie turns on and functions properly, it’s important to check the water reservoir. If the reservoir is not full or if there isn’t enough water, the machine may not start.

Make sure to fill up the water tank with an adequate amount of water before attempting to turn on the Pixie. This will help prevent any power issues and ensure a smooth brewing process.

So remember, keep an eye on the water level in your Pixie machine and make sure it’s always filled up for a great cup of coffee every time!

Capsule holder not properly closed

If your Nespresso Pixie machine is not turning on, one possible reason could be that the capsule holder is not properly closed. When this happens, the capsule may not fall into place correctly, preventing the machine from starting.

To fix this issue, make sure to open the lever all the way and insert a new capsule. Then, close the lever properly to ensure that the capsule falls into place. Before attempting to turn on your Nespresso Pixie, always check that the water tank is filled and a fresh capsule is inserted correctly with a properly locked lever.

Another thing to note is that if you find that your machine is not piercing the pods, it might be because you didn’t pull down the handle completely, resulting in an incomplete closure of the capsule compartment.

Faulty electrical outlet

If your Nespresso Pixie machine is not turning on, one possible reason could be a faulty electrical outlet. It’s important to check if the outlet is working properly by plugging in another device and seeing if it powers on.

If the other device works fine, then the issue may lie with your Nespresso Pixie. However, if the other device also doesn’t work, you might need to call an electrician to fix the outlet problem.

Remember to ensure that there is power flowing consistently from the outlet before assuming that there is an issue with your Nespresso Pixie machine.


In conclusion, if your Nespresso Pixie won’t turn on, it can be caused by various reasons such as a faulty switch, power cord issues, blown fuse, or a malfunctioning control board.

To troubleshoot the problem, make sure to check the power connection, test the switch and inspect the power cord. You may also need to replace the fuse or seek professional help for control board problems.

Remember to properly plug in your Pixie and check for other possible issues like a not fully filled water reservoir or improperly closed capsule holder before seeking assistance. Stay powered up and enjoy your coffee!


1. Why won’t my Nespresso Pixie turn on?

There can be several reasons why your Nespresso Pixie won’t turn on, such as a power outage, a loose power cord connection, or a malfunctioning electrical component.

2. What should I do if my Nespresso Pixie doesn’t turn on?

If your Nespresso Pixie doesn’t turn on, first check if it is properly plugged into an outlet and the power switch is turned on. If that doesn’t work, try unplugging and plugging it back in or using a different outlet. If the problem persists, contact customer support for assistance.

3. Is there any way to fix my Nespresso Pixie not turning on by myself?

While you can try basic troubleshooting steps like checking the power connection and trying different outlets, it’s best to seek professional help if your Nespresso Pixie still doesn’t turn on after those attempts.

4. How long does it usually take for customer support to fix a Nespresso Pixie that won’t turn on?

The time required to fix a Nespresso Pixie that won’t turn on depends on the nature of the problem and the availability of parts if needed. Contact customer support for an estimated repair timeframe.

5. Can I get a replacement if my Nespresso Pixie cannot be fixed?

If your Nespresso Pixie cannot be fixed by customer support, they may offer you options such as repairing or replacing the machine depending on warranty coverage and other factors. Contact them directly for more information about possible solutions.

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