Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine Review

Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso is a versatile machine that will help you brew your fresh espresso and coffee very quickly and faster for your comfort.

Its components are constructed from aluminum enhancing the durability of the machine. Its design features a removable milk nozzle and drip tray which makes the cleaning of the machine convenient and with ease.

Also, milk steaming by this espresso machine is perfect due to the powerful milk frother for both creamy cappuccinos and lattes. Moreover, the machine has controls which are easy to use increasing its overall output.

The sturdy stay cool handle on the decanter enhances the safety of the user unlike other machines, and this adds to the ease of its use.

Its smaller size makes it suitable for both home use and office use as it doesn’t take much room on the counter. Also, it lightweight implies that it can be moved around easily.

Delicious Cappuccinos, Lattes, And Other Beverages

Most models of this type of machine are single-cup models which mean they brew only one cup of espresso at a time.

This machine can brew 20 ounces of espresso into an easy-to-pour decanter which can be served efficiently into four cups at once. This saves on the need to prepare the machine several times when you want to take more delicious espresso from the machine.

Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine Review

Powerful Milk Frother

Provide with a powerful milk frother; this machine can make café-rich espressos and lather your cappuccinos and lattes to light, creamy perfection. This powerful milk frother vaporizes milk perfectly for both creamy lattes and cappuccinos.

It has a swivel frother which has an adjustable steam output allowing faster steaming of milk. Also, the powerful steamer no only reduces the warming time but also brew four cups of espresso.

Removable Drip Tray And Frothing Aid

Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine has its drip tray and the frothing aid removable. This feature helps those who dislike coffee machines which are hard to clean since removing these parts makes the cleaning of the machine very simple and easy.

The dishwasher safe carafe included in this device increases the ease of its cleaning further. All these in conjunction with the removable milk frother gives you the ability to control the machine easily.

Cold Storage

Storage of a device is a major factor which determines the durability of that machine. Therefore, the manufacture of this machine included a cold storage that keeps it hassle free.

In addition to the cold storage is a stay-cool handle on the machine which takes care of the safety of the user. These features make this espresso machine safer to use than other machines and enable you to brew proper espressos.

Boiler Cap

The espresso machines are manufactured with boiler caps which have safety valves built in them for safety while preparing your espresso.

These boiler caps are fitted with filter holders with thumb guards making the machine safer to use than other devices.

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  • It is very light in weight.
  • It is small in size hence saves space on the counter.
  • It is painless to clean since it has a removable drip tray
  • The machine is durable.
  • It is quiet as compared to other machines.


  • The machine does not have a frothing pitcher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the material(s) used to make the components of this machine?

A: This machine is made from aluminum and plastic.

Q: Is it possible to brew a single cup of espresso using the machine?

A: Absolutely, the quantity of the brew depends on your desire.

Q: Can warming of the espresso cups be done on top of the machine?

A: No, the system has no room for warming on top.

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Final Verdict

This is a great machine for brewing espressos as compared to other machines. It can make delicious cappuccinos, lattes as well as quality espressos.

It is compact, but light in weight hence can be moved with a lot of ease. Furthermore, it is small in size, therefore, saving on room space which increases its successful use in both offices and homes.

The removable drip tray and the frothing aid makes it more recommendable than other machines as cleaning this machine becomes very easy.

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