Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review

The culture of drinking high-quality espresso or cappuccino as a way of refreshment is common in many parts of the world. It is amazing how modern espresso and cappuccino machines differ in the quality of hot beverages they create.

Some brew delicious hot beverages in a matter of seconds, other in just a few minutes, while other would take something close to eternity just to make a pot of black coffee.

Among the top quality machines that I have bought for my kitchen, Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine is one of the best.

It beats its competitors in almost every feature and brews the tastiest espresso ever. It has a beautiful design that will look excellent in your kitchen if you own an elegant kitchen.

Larger 58mm Diameter 

Besides its large diameter, its style is commercial grade and features a commercial design. This is larger than what most cappuccino makers have. This is helpful in the water distribution since it allows for even distribution of water over the entire surface.

This is how it gives you a better brew even with finest, most tempered grounds. The space also makes enough cappuccino for a group of mouthwatering drinkers.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review

Chrome-Plated Brass Filter

It has a chrome-plated brass filter that is perfectly in place to keep the machine’s temperature regulated and steady. It keeps the temperature constant too, for the extraction and a successful brewing.

This, in turn, gives you the highest quality espresso possible. I guess that is why the espresso brewed by this machine always taste better. It has a much smoother and gentle taste on the mouth.

Super Conducive Aluminum Boiler

This is a perfectly functioning boiler for as much as I can say. The 14101 features a supper-conducive aluminum boiler that is heated from two exterior elements on each side of the boiler.

That is exactly what is needed to brew a mouth-warming espresso. This boiler and its efficient heating ensure equal heat distribution, especially when you set it at low-volume/high-wattage set up. This would mean quicker heating time.

Big Cup Warmer

A truly magical espresso is served in a preheated cup, and many machines fail at this feature. The Gaggia14101 comes with a cup warmer that can preheat five cups all at once. The heater being passive, it doesn’t take extra power.

It just works on the residual heat being created in the boiler. I find this size convenient and helpful because I don’t have to preheat in small amounts when I can preheat all 5 cups at once.

Three Rocker Arm Switches

The switches are strategically positioned to allow you a better a control of the machines operation. They offer you full control complete with a steam switch and temperature indication lights.

This makes controlling and operating the machine a breeze. You will even enjoy every single process you take it through. It is like you are the one giving it the guidance on how you want it to make your espresso.

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  • Brushed stainless steel housing is elegant
  • Makes five cups at a time, which is a conveniently large size
  • Strong and durable
  • Provides easy brewing
  • Fills two cups simultaneously


  • Has a complex structure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: From the way it looks, it must be expensive. Is it?

A: To say it just as it is, this is a good bang for your money. This is the way not to break your bank open and still get a perfect machine.

Q: Can I use it for my home kitchen?

A: It is a professional machine that is also perfect for home use. Yes, it will serve you and your family.

Q: How easy is it to use? My last machine was hectic to operate.

A: As easy as pie, if I may say so.

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Final Verdict

This machine is not only a high performer but is also elegant. It would be a great addition to that commercial kitchen you are planning to buy it for. It is much better than the machines I’ve been using in my hotel kitchen.

It functions smoothly and makes the best espresso I have ever drunk. The taste is like nothing many expensive machines make. Which means it produces a quality espresso but doesn’t cost too much like most of its counterparts do.

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Gregory Tumlin

Gregory Tumlin editor of has worked in the coffee industry for 5 years now. He used to work at Coffee and Espresso Bar in Princeton, NJ and have done some side coffee consulting and training through Barista School. He is also a husband and father of a young boy as well as a masters student. In whatever spare time he has left, Gregory enjoys running, cycling and reads just the right amount of trashy romance novels.

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