DeLonghi ICONA Espresso / Cappuccino Maker Review

The quality of espresso or cappuccino you drink tells a lot about you. The espresso and cappuccino maker you own tell a lot about you too. You need an innovatively created machine to produce only the best quality hot beverage for you and the ones you love. Sometimes all you need is a hot cup of finely brewed espresso alongside a loose chat filled with laughter with a couple of friends.

DeLonghi ICONA espresso / cappuccino maker is just the right machine to give you that great moment where you share joy in the form of a hot drink brewed by only the best machine. I love this machine for a lot of things, and elegance is just one of them.

When my espresso tastes greater than I expected, that’s when I know I have an irreplaceable machine.

Dual-Function Filter Holder

This machine includes a SempreCrema filter which can hold up to two cups of finely ground coffee. It produces a delectable caramel color espresso. It also features an easy serving espresso filter that can hold compatible pods or a single cup of coffee.

The filter holder has two separate drip holes that make it possible to fill two cups simultaneously. You simply place the cups side by side, and they will both be filled at the same time.

Pannarello Frothing Wand

This is one of the features that guided my choosing of this machine. The pannarello frothing wand allows you to steam milk for the espresso drinks. It makes the machine perfect for making your home made cappuccinos.

When you are done making your cappuccino, it will taste like nothing you’ve ever drunk. The thickness, color, and taste are all superior to what we are used to. Most machines don’t make espresso this good.

Three Button System

The buttons are easy to use, though not the most intuitive at first glance. You need to read the manual before you push and pull on anything so that you don’t experience real problems.

But even without reading the manual, this machine provides a clear display that doesn’t need instructions. I began using mine even before I referred on the manual and I got almost everything just right.DeLonghi ICONA Espresso Cappuccino Maker Review

Cappuccino System

Not every espresso and cappuccino makers is worth giving a shot.The machine is fixed with a cappuccino system that makes only the best cappuccino.

It perfectly mixes milk, steam, and air in a chamber to make a very delicious cappuccino, coffee, or latte that has a rich and creamy froth. It is engineered and structured in a way that the only perfection is achieved with every single brew.

High Aesthetics

Most of the exterior is made of black plastic, though it has some stainless steel and chrome finish that add glamor to the countertop. It has a warming surface that will effectively keep your cold cups warm.

From the shape, size and design, this machine is a great piece of innovation that is worth trying out. I would recommend it to you because I know there is no one moment that it will disappoint you.


  • Different color options
  • Features a classy design
  • Easy to control
  • Makes espresso and cappuccino fast
  • Makes smooth tasting hot beverages


  • Bulkier than it should

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast can the machine make espresso?

A: I haven’t time it yet, but I can tell you that your espresso will be brewed in no time.

Q: What’s the clearance in inches between its filter and cup tray?

A: The distance is three inches from drip spouts when you insert it for function.

Q: How many cups can it make in a single brewing?

A: That’s two cups. Not the largest capacity, I agree.

Final Verdict

It is not a perfect espresso and cappuccino maker in the market, but I can assure you that it is made of so much greatness. In it, every single cup of coffee, cappuccino, espresso, or latte is made with the perfection it deserves.

That drink then acquires the taste you’d expect to be brewed with such a high-quality machine. It is an elegant machine that I know many people would love to have in their kitchens. It is the reason my friends likes to come by, especially when I need them to.

Gregory Tumlin

Gregory Tumlin editor of has worked in the coffee industry for 5 years now. He used to work at Coffee and Espresso Bar in Princeton, NJ and have done some side coffee consulting and training through Barista School. He is also a husband and father of a young boy as well as a masters student. In whatever spare time he has left, Gregory enjoys running, cycling and reads just the right amount of trashy romance novels.

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