Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker Review

Brew gourmet, high-quality espresso, using ground espresso or pods with the Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable Espresso Maker safely and conveniently at your home. This is even more attractive: the stainless stem nozzle and the included frothing cup make it easy to turn an espresso drink into either a frothy cappuccino or a latte.

You can easily program the espresso cup size at 1.5 ounces or 3.0 ounces, and proceed to brew one or two cups to match your liking. In this manner, you are sure of perfect result every time you want to make an espresso.

To add to its admiring qualities, cleanup is just effortless; thanks to the porta-filter holder responsible for comfortable and convenient disposal of wet grounds, and the removable drip tray.

 Place this espresso machine your kitchen and surely, it offers you a stylish additional look, so impressive. Follow the following review to guide you evaluate this fantastic espresso maker.


The removable water reservoir is attached to the back of the EM-200. It is transparent; therefore, you can see the water level present in your espresso. The machine has a convenient carrying handle that lets you transport the reservoir.

This makes it easy for you to fill it up quickly. The drip tray and dishwasher are also removable safely for quick and convenient cleaning.The EM-200 has a measuring and tamping tool, thus can prepare your freshly ground coffee ready for brewing up to 3 ounces of espresso.

The EM-200 is capable of brewing prepackaged pods in case you would not want to pick up the hassle of cleaning grounds out of the filters. The frothing is specially designed to withstand pressure and heat of the steam wand.Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker Review


Cuisinart EM-200 uses a bar pump pressure to extract flavors from your coffee beans. The pressure of the bar pump creates espresso cream that is thicker than that brewed using steam pressure.

The Cuisinart EM-200 machine comes with both programmable and manual controls to allow you use in-between settings for brewing espresso that matches your personal preferences. You can quickly switch between brewing and steaming as you create a cup of espresso.

The EM-200 has an adjustable steam wand that allows you to choose between frothing, steaming and foaming milk. This way, you can turn your espresso into a cappuccino, latte, macchiato and more.


TheEM-200 Programmable EspressoMaker brings forth features you need to make your espresso, latte or cappuccino at your home place.

It has an adjustable steam nozzle, which enables you, heat the milk and mix air with the milk to form a foamy texture, thus changing the espresso into a cappuccino or a latte.

The steam wand is adjustable to enable you froth, steam, and foam the milk interchangeably, thereby turning the espresso into something different of your choice.


You can quickly know when the EM-200 is on, thanks to an off indicator light. It is important, as many of the parts of this espresso machine get hot when in use.

The espresso maker has a short electrical cord that keeps it out of reach of any curious children when engaged. It comes with a polarized plug that you plug into an electric socket one way, and hence reduces the risk of any electrical shock.


Cuisinart conveniently protects your EM-200 espresso machine with a three-year warranty, which is exceptionally the best in the coffee and espresso world.

The customer service representatives are friendly and always available to answer your questions whenever they arise.

Therefore, you can contact the customer service either by email, phone, or even by Facebook. The User Guides are also available for you to download from the Cuisinart website at your convenience.


  • It has a carrying handle for transporting the reservoir
  • High performance as you can switch between brewing and steaming
  • Has short electrical cord for safety
  • It heats milk quickly


  • This espresso machine is hefty, weighing in at over 25 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the 3-year limited warranty cover mean? Would any problems with the product be resolved through Amazon, or through the Cuisinart?

A: The warranty coverage is handled by Cuisinart, though Amazon does have a given window of time to do returns around 30 days in case you are not happy with the product.

Q: What is the temperature that the water is heated to? And can that temperature be programmed?

A: I am not certain as to the temperature the water is heated, and this is not a programmable option.

Q: What is the guarantee about the safety to use the espresso maker, especially within the reach of young children?

A: It has a short cord for electricity that prevents occurrences of any electrical risks.

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Final Verdict

From the review of the excellent performance of this espresso maker, you surely do not have to spend much of money at coffee shops and restaurants to enjoy a cup of an espresso. The EM-200 machine has all those functions and features needed to make your espresso, latte or cappuccino at your home.

The machine is versatile with an adjustable steam wand that enables you to turn any of your espressos into a cappuccino or macchiato for your enjoyment. It is one of the best espresso machines that compete for the commercial varieties that you may find in the coffee shops.

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