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Drinking Coffee When Sick: Is It That Bad?

Coffee is great, right? It’s that one drink that can instantly make you feel good- even when you’re sick. But, is it safe? It turns out that while coffee can make you feel better; it has several effects on your body you’re still not probably aware of until now. And in today’s post, we’ll show you exactly why drinking […]

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Can Dogs Drink Coffee? The Harsh Truth You Need To Hear

This is something we can all agree on: Coffee is probably one of those drinks humans can’t live without. It’s energizing, uplifting, and highly addictive. For your dogs, however, it’s a totally different story. Coffee can poison and even kill your dog. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make sure none of those things happen. And today, […]

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8 Common Mistakes People Make When Using a Coffee Machine

Everyone loves a fresh cup of coffee, but because brand-name brews can be very expensive, crafting cups at home is a much more pocket-friendly choice. Realizing this simple coffee-cost cutting hack, individuals have opted to buy their own makers, evidenced by the rise in coffee machine sales since 2006. If you’ve recently purchased a coffee machine, […]

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How to do Espresso Tamping at Home?

What is Tamping?Tamping is a technique used to ensure the full flavor during the espresso extraction process. Espresso is known for having a very distinct, potent flavor. This flavor is achieved by tightly and evenly packing the coffee grinds into a porta-filter with a tamper. It is important to avoid areas of least resistance, or in […]

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