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Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer?


The short answer is, yes, you absolutely can freeze coffee creamer. There is more to this, however. After all, there are different types of coffee creamers and you need to know the right way to freeze and thaw it. For all these solutions, and more, keep reading.

Can You Freeze Dairy and Non Dairy Coffee Creamer?

As you know, creamers tend to fall into two categories – dairy and non dairy coffee creamer. If you check the back of your dairy creamer container, you will find that the manufacturer advises against freezing these products.

This is because freezing dairy products can change the texture of the ingredient. So, when you add it to your coffee, it may not mix as well as you would like it to. In some cases, freezing dairy can alter the flavor as well.

However, you can freeze non-dairy coffee creamer without any issue at all. So, if you do want to make your coffee creamer last longer, it is best to invest in the non-dairy variety.

Can You Freeze Powder and Liquid Coffee Creamer?

Creamers also come in liquid and solid form. Do they hold up equally well to freezing?

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Yes, they do! You can freeze both liquid and powder coffee creamers – in the same way. It should be noted that once thawed, liquid coffee creamer works just as well for both hot and cold coffee.

Powdered coffee creamer, on the other hand, is best reserved for hot coffee drinks. Still, you can always dissolve the thawed out powdered creamer in warm water before adding it to a cold drink.

What Happens If You Freeze Coffee Creamer?

When you freeze liquid coffee creamer, it behaves like any other liquid – it solidifies, taking on the shape of the container it’s in. Unlike some liquids, though, the creamer shrinks, taking up less space than it did.

When the creamer is removed from the freezer and left out, it eventually dissolves. It will look just as it did before it was frozen and can be added to your coffee. Since the creamer doesn’t change in terms of texture, it can be added to hot and cold drinks.

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Powdered coffee creamer tends to clump together when it’s frozen. Even if it’s thawed out, it remains some of these properties. This is why you should only add the creamer to hot drinks or reconstitute it with hot water first.

How to Freeze Coffee Creamer

Now, let’s move onto how you should freeze the coffee creamer.

It is possible to freeze an entire container of liquid or powdered coffee creamer, as is. If you do this, keep in mind that you also have to defrost the entire container at the same time. So, you need to use up the creamer within a certain period of time.

Due to this, it is best to freeze the creamer in smaller amounts. Then, you only have to defrost the amount you’re going to be using. This allows you to extend the lifespan of the entire batch a little longer.

The most popular way of freezing both liquid and powdered coffee creamer is to use ice cube trays. Not only can you freeze the creamer into smaller batches, in this form, the creamer also takes up a lot less space in your freezer.

Here is what you need to freeze the coffee creamer:

  • Ice cube trays
  • Ziploc bags

You may want to use silicone ice cube trays for this purpose. It will make it easier for you to pop out the frozen cubes out of their mold. This is especially true for the powdered creamer. Using a silicone mold can prevent a mess.

Let’s take a look at how to freeze each type of coffee creamer.

Freezing Liquid Creamer

First, pour the liquid creamer into a container with a spout. This will make it easier to pour the creamer into the ice cube trays without spilling any of the liquid.

Carefully pour the liquid creamer into each ice cube mold. As the liquid will shrink once frozen, you can fill it right to the brim in each mold. Just be careful when you move the tray to the freezer.

Let the liquid creamer freeze for around 3 to 4 hours. You can test it to see if the creamer is frozen all the way through by tapping a spoon or butter knife against the cube. If the surface of the ice cube gives way to a liquid center, then the creamer needs to be frozen for longer.

Once the creamer has frozen properly, pop the cubes out and put them in a Ziploc freezer bag. On the bag, write down the flavor or details of the creamer, including the date that it was frozen in marker. This will allow you to keep track of your creamer easily.

Place the creamer back in the freezer until it needs to be used again.

Freezing Powdered Creamer

There are two ways to freeze powdered creamer – as a larger quantity or in smaller batches with ice cube trays.

Freezing Powdered Creamer – Whole

If you don’t want to break up the creamer into smaller batches, pour it into a large Ziploc bag and seal it. Mark as necessary. You can also pour smaller batches into small Ziploc bags and freeze them so that you don’t have to defrost the entire quantity.

Always mark the bag or bags with the day that you froze it.

Freezing Powdered Creamer – Ice Cube Trays

Use a small measuring scoop to pour out the powdered creamer into the ice cube trays. It is a good idea to place a large plate or baking tray under the tray. This will allow you to catch any creamer that does fall, preventing you from wasting any.

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Once this is done, place the trays in the freezer. The powder will often take longer to freeze than the liquid. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave the trays in the freezer overnight. Otherwise, you can check on the creamer in about 6 to 8 hours’ time.

Either press a finger to the coffee creamer or gently try to pry out a cube from its mold. If you notice any powder shifting when you try to do so, the creamer needs to be frozen for longer.

Once the creamer is frozen enough to remove from the mold, place it in the Ziploc bags and mark it with the date that you froze it.

When placing it back in the freezer, remember to avoid putting anything else on top of the cubes. This can cause them to crumble, making it more difficult to defrost later on.

How Long Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer For?

Coffee creamer was not designed to be frozen. As a result, the manufacturer can’t tell you how long the creamer can be frozen for. Instead, you have to ballpark it.

You may be able to freeze the creamer for 4 to 6 months at a time. However, it is a good idea to use it up within 4 months, just in case.

After the six month mark, you may find that the taste and texture of the creamer begins to decline. It will not make sense to use it in your coffee after this point.

How Do You Defrost Coffee Creamer?

The following is a breakdown of how to defrost coffee creamer. Unless you are planning on using your coffee creamer immediately, make sure to thaw it out in your refrigerator. This will ensure that bacteria and other microbes don’t grow in the medium.

Defrosting Powdered Creamer

To defrost powdered coffee creamer, just place the bag with the creamer in your refrigerator until it has thawed out enough for you to scoop the necessary amount.

If you are defrosting a smaller batch and are planning to use the entire amount immediately, you can leave the bag out on the kitchen counter. It should thaw out a lot sooner this way.

With the cubed powdered coffee creamer, you can simply add the desired amount to your cup and pour in the hot coffee. Try pouring in small amounts first and mixing the creamer and coffee together. This will allow the creamer to assimilate with the coffee better. Then, pour in the rest of the coffee and stir well.

Defrosting Liquid Creamer

Are you adding the liquid creamer to hot coffee? If so, you can heat up the cubes in the microwave. Once the cubes have dissolved, check the temperature. If the liquid is still a little cold, you may want to heat it up until it is warm. Then, add the liquid to your coffee and stir well.

Avoid adding the frozen cubes straight into the coffee as this will lower the overall temperature of your coffee.

If you are adding the liquid creamer to iced coffee, take out the desired number of cubes a few hours before you want to use them. Place the cubes in the refrigerator in a cup or jar. Let them defrost until the creamer is liquid once more.

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Using this method allows your creamer to be cool enough to maintain the temperature of your iced coffee. As such, it should taste a lot better, too.

Don’t add the frozen cubes to your iced coffee, unless you have already added creamer to the drink. The cubes will take a while to melt and won’t do so evenly. This means that you won’t immediately be able to taste the creamer and need to wait until it has dissolved in your coffee.

If you want to make frozen coffee drinks, you can add coffee and the frozen creamer cubes to a blender and blend well. Even then, however, you may want to add some dissolved creamer to the mix. The cubes may not completely mix with the liquid coffee.

Can You Refreeze Coffee Creamer?

No, you can’t refreeze coffee creamer. This is why it’s best to freeze it in smaller batches. Then, you will only need to defrost the precise amount that you’re planning on using.

If you are defrosting a larger batch, always keep the creamer in the refrigerator. You should only ever take it out when you need to add it to your coffee, as this will keep it fresher for longer.

Even then, don’t keep the creamer for any longer than four or five days after it has been defrosted. Throw it out for health and safety reasons once this time has passed.

For the best results in terms of taste and texture, make sure to use the creamer within two days.

How Do You Know If Your Creamer Has Gone Bad?

It is very unlikely that your creamer will go bad when its frozen. However, if you froze it close to its expiration date or if the freezer was turned off for any period of time, there is a chance that the creamer may have gotten spoiled.

So, how can you tell if it has gone bad?

Before you add the creamer to your coffee, always do a sniff test first. If the powder or the liquid smells off in any way, it is best not to add it to your coffee.

Even if the creamer smells fine, it is a good idea to take a look at how it reconstitutes in your coffee. If it keeps separating or if your coffee looks curdled, this may be some indication that the creamer has gone bad.

Last but not least, there is the taste test to fall back on. You can try taking a small, tentative sip of your coffee. If you are using liquid creamer, you can take a small taste of this too. If it doesn’t taste good or like it is supposed to, it is best to toss it, if you want to be on the safe side.

This is what you need to know about freezing coffee creamer. Now that you have the complete lowdown, you will be able to freeze any type of coffee creamer with great success.

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