Best Compact Espresso Machine 2017 - Guide and Review

To make tasty espresso, you need a machine that can bring aroma and flavor from high-quality coffee beans.

Having one of the best compact espresso machines, you enjoy your espresso anytime you want and at any place whether in the office or your house. It brings satisfaction and enjoyment a having a cup of quality Espresso every day.

Below are lists of things to consider for you to choose the best espresso machine of your choice. There are many espresso machines currently in the market hence it is worth to follow the guide below.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Compact Espresso Machine

The following is a list of what to look for in your selection of your small espresso machine. Pay attention to the pointers and you will buy a desirable machine.


Depending on your kitchen size or the place you are planning to put your espresso machine you need to know the size of the espresso machine that you need.

The number of serving that you need at a time is also an important factor you need to put into consideration because it is directly proportional to the size of your espresso machine that is the more serving you want, the bigger in size your espresso machine should be.


High hygiene is one of the paramount factor worth considering, and this comes by the easiness of which you can be able to clean your espresso machine. Best compact espresso machine should be quick and easy to clean on daily basis.

The number of parts your machine has will determine its easiness in cleaning because the more the parts your machine has, the more time you need to clean it.


User friendliness of your machine is also a key factor to note, the control buttons on its user interface should be easy to understand and easy to operate.

You also need to take into consideration its response time; best compact espresso machine should have a high response time such that you can get your tasty espresso as fast as possible just by a touch of its control buttons.


Your budget is what will restrict you at the time of the best compact espresso machine to purchase. Putting in mind that the cost of the espresso machine depends on the quality and durability of the material used in its construction its price also varies.

Depending on the amount of cash you have you can still get an espresso machine that will meet your needs.

Other Consideration

  • Brand
  • Warranty
  • Durability
  • Colour
Best Compact Espresso Machine

Comparison Table for Best Compact Espresso Machine 2017

Recommended Best Compact Espresso Machine 2017

After trying different types of machines, we finally came up with five unique compact espresso machines that you can try. Here are the reviews of top rated machines in our list.

De'Longhi EC680 DEdica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

This espresso machine ensures that you get the quality and tasty espresso at the comfort of your house.

Also, it provides a quality barista foam to your milk based drinks.

Thermo Block Technology

Within a period of 40 seconds, this machine can heat up your water to the brewing temperature with the help of this thermal block technology.

De'Longhi EC680 DEdica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine is always ready to use the machine because of its self-priming system incorporated in it, meaning that your espresso will be available anytime you need it.

Control Panel

Its control panel is illuminated to enhance its user-friendliness, you can use this control panel to program your espresso machine to produce your favorite espresso at any time you want it to.

This control panel also has an inbuilt energy saving circuit which automatically turn off your espresso machine in case you forget to turn it off.

Cup Warmer

This feature is very advantageous because it allows the engine to heat up your cup before it pours espresso in it, hence ensuring that you're your drink is warm enough, and it is at the desired temperature will the help of the inbuilt cup warmer.

15- Bar Pressure

To ensure that you have a quality espresso with a frothy cream, this espresso machine operates at a pressure of 15- bar. It has an inbuilt alarm system to be able to notify you the descaling time of the machine.

De'Longhi EC220b 15-Bar Pump Driven Espresso Maker

This Espresso Maker is the among the best compact espresso makers who have all the best features you might desire in an espresso maker.

Dual Thermostats

This machine uses a separate water and steam thermostats which enable you to monitor the temperature of your steam and water independently. This temperature regulation technology enables you to get an optimal taste of your espresso.


This pump is driving espresso maker has an inbuilt stainless steel which fastens the heating up of water to brewing temperature. It is incorporated with a control panel to allow you to program it using the manual dial. To save time while preparing your espresso this machine has a self-priming capability.


To allow you choose the number of shots you need either one or two, this espresso maker has a three-in-one filter holder which enables it to accommodate double or single shots. To compress your espresso grounds for optimal flavor, the machine uses an integrated tamper.

Safety Measures

To prevent excessive pressure build up in the machine tank, this espresso maker employs two primary safety measures in place; the first one is an automatic shut-off and the removable water tank capability. This measure is also fundamental in that they help in conservation of the electric consumption of the machine.

Delonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino

It is a small size compact machine consisting of the full-size machine features.

Delonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino enables you and your visitors to enjoy your cappuccino at your convenience


This Compact Automatic Cappuccino maker uses button and rotary control panel which gives you the options of choosing the strength of your coffee.

It has four buttons that will enable you to program it depending on the quantity of water that you require. It has other auxiliary but important features on its control panel such as the automatic shut down and brewed cup counter.


To ensure that your machine is always in a good working condition and producing quality and tasty drinks you need to clean periodically and descale its parts. It has an automatic descaling system which will automatically perform descaling depending on the level of water hardness indicator.

Steel Boiler

To prevent contamination of fresh water, this machine's boiler is constructed using stainless steel. This machine utilizes a high-tech technology known as the thermal block technology which ensures rapid water delivery and fast cycling time for your coffee drinks.

Easy To Use

This machine is user-friendly, to get your preferred coffee strength and temperature you just need to adjust it menu settings. After which the machine program will take over from there.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

This machine is small and quiet maker that enable you to have a super creamy milk froth of your taste in a matter of 30 seconds in the comfort of your house.

Automatic Brewing

With the help of fully automatic brewing system you just need to stick your cup and coffee capsule then, the machine takes over. It allows you to brew your beverage to perfection just by the press of a button.


To ensure freshness this espresso maker uses special coffee capsules known as the Nespresso premium. There is a vast variety of quality premium Nespresso to choose from of which sixteen are available

Milk Frother

Its milk frother is faster and easy to use having its fill level indicated by internal markings for holding and making cold frothed milk. The machine is kept clean by immersing its whisk and lid in water after which the whisk is returned into position magnetically.


It is 12 cm wide hence it can properly fit into any kitchen compared to the machine of its caliber. In addition to its exciting shape this machine has worktop footprints which add to its general aesthetic beauty.

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

Inissia Espresso maker is a machine manufactured by the Nespresso, which began more than 25 years ago.

This machine produces a tantalizing aroma by using green coffees, which makes it one of the best compact Espresso Machine in the market.


Inissia Espresso Maker has a compact and colorful design; it's lightweight and tiny footprint allows it to fit perfectly and blend in your interior design. To satisfy the taste of its, consumers Nespresso has designed this machine in a variety of colors.


This Inissia Espresso Maker operates at a pressure of up to 19 bars by the use of a patented extraction system and the one touch operation. This high pressure also makes it very easy to use producing a quality cup of espresso at every time.

Energy Saving

The machine automatically switches off after 9 minutes in case it is not in use. This is very fundamental because it enables it to conserve energy. This automatic shut-off technology is one of the important safety measures.

One-Touch Operation

This machine uses a one-touch operation system operating at 25 seconds, meaning that you don't need to wait for the machine to warm up before preparing your favorite cup of espresso. Inissia is designed in such a way that you can adjust cup size by using the lingo and espresso buttons.

Final Verdict

The espresso machines discussed above are some of the best compact machines available in the market. If you want a high-quality espresso, then it is worth putting into consideration of the features detailed above before making a choice of the espresso machine you need to purchase.

The machines discussed above are compact meaning that they are tiny or small in size, but surprisingly it has all the features that a big size big size Espresso maker might possess.

I therefore highly recommend that among the listed espresso maker are worth putting in mind while making purchases.

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